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I’ve always enjoyed the beauty industry and how diverse it is. For the last 18+ years it’s been my life and I can say without a doubt I’ve found my calling with Permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing.

MEET your WESTERN, Ma Beauty Professionals



  • 2008 - Licensed Cosmetologist - Northhampton, MA
  • 2010 - Makeup Mastery - Miami Convention Center, FL
  • 2019 - Tattoo Artist @ Horsheshoes & Hand Grenades Tattoo - Chicopee, MA
  • 2019 - Skin Anatomy & Blood Infections Training - Quincy, MA
  • 2019 - First Aid/CPR/AED Certification - American Red Cross, MA
  • 2019 - Bloodborne Pathogens Training Certification - American Red Cross (and every 2 years since)
  • 2019 - Town of Chicopee, MA Tattoo Practitioner License
  • 2019 - Microblading Course - Agawam, MA
  • 2019 - Henna Brow Certification - The Glow Factory, Medway, MA
  • 2019 - Botched Ink Saline Removal Certification
  • 2020 - Town of Westfield, MA Tattoo Practitioner License
  • 2020 - Lash & Brow Lamination Training - Bee
  • 2020 - Classic Eyeliner Training - Tina Davies
  • 2020 - Lip Blushing Training - Shay Danielle
  • 2020 - 3D Areola Reconstruction and Stretch Mark Revision Training - Ink Boutique, Houston, TX
  • 2020 - 3D Belly Button Restoration Training - Ink Boutique, Houston, TX
  • 2021 - Color Theory Training - Teryn Darling, Girlz Ink Academy
  • 2021 - Tooth Jewelry Training - Trebbih, Inc
  • 2021- Beyond the Epidermis Training - Girlz Ink Academy, Las Vegas, NV
  • 2022 - Town of Southwick, MA Tattoo Practitioner License
  • 2022 - Tiny Tattoo Course - Kara Gutierrez
  • 2022 - Li+FT Saline Lightening Training - Girlz Ink Academy, Las Vegas, NV
  • 2022 - Needle and the Prick Course - Girlz Ink Academy, Las Vegas, NV
  • 2023 - Shaded Brows Course - Girlz Ink Academy, Las Vegas, NV
  • 2023 - Better Business Bureau Accredited
  • 2023 - Linkhouse Permanent Jewelry Training - Permalinks Online, Shay Danielle Academy
  • 2023 - American Academy of Micropigmentation Certified
  • 2023 - Black, Packed & Stacked Eyeliner Mastery Workshop - Teryn Darling, Girlz Ink Studio
  • 2023 - Intro to Nano Brows Course - Beauty Inkstitute
  • 2023 - Nano Pattern Mastery - Beauty Inkstitute
  • 2023 - The American Academy of Micropigmentation Board Gold Certified Artist
  • 2023 - Eyeliner Workshop - Teryn Darling, Girlz Ink Studio - Las Vegas, NV

Owner, Lead Artist & Educator

Western Mass born and raised, Jenn has forever and always had a love for beauty and wellness. She moved to South Florida shortly after high school. Over fifteen years in luxury hospitality and event design and sales + marketing have built the base to now serve this Beauty Community. Managing events from initial client discovery, thru research and design to day-of event execution, she has always love bringing beauty and happiness to others.

Team partnership is key to ensure client needs are not only met but exceeded! Now in bringing her love of people and all things beauty together, Jenn is a current Esthetics Student and bringing all her talents to our team.

Jenn lives in Maryland with her husband and two boys. Her at home office team includes her rescue dog Zeus and three cats, Curry, Gurl and Orange.

Marketing/Community Manager & Esthetician


  • 2022 - Esthetics License - Paul Mitchell School, Rockville, MD
  • 2022 - Lash Lift and Tint Training, Southwick, MA
  • 2023 - Lash Extension Certification - AF Aesthetics
  • 2023 - Nanoneedling Training - Dermalogica
  • 2024 - Bloodborne Pathogens Certification - AHA


Born and raised in Springfield, Maddie is the fur Mama to her sweet dogs, Bear & Ewok and cats, Midge & Kitten. She loves creating all kinds of art- especially when she expresses herself with her fun, detailed, graphic eyeliner with the largest makeup pallet we’ve ever seen! She loves all things cheese, and being outdoors, especially when she’s with her pups.

  • 2022 - Advanced Medical Certification with Look Image Inc. 
  • 2022 - Faux Freckles Manual and Machine Method with Shay Danielle  
  • 2022 - Machine and Movements with Shay Danielle
  • 2022 - Machine and Movements: The manual to machine conversion course 
  • 2022 - Li Pigments by Teryn Darling
  • 2022- CPR/ First Aid certification - American Red Cross
  • 2023- Bloodborne Pathogen certificate - NationalCPRfoundation
  • 2023 - Body Art Practitioner License - Town of Southwick, MA
  • 2023 - Beyond the Elidermis: The Ultimate Color Theory Course 
  • 2023 - Laser vs. Saline Removal by Teryn Darling
  • 2023 - MicroTattooing with Kara Gutierrez
  • 2023 - Brow Color Theory: Game Changing Color Theory with Sculpted Studios 


JR. PMU Artist & Permanent Jewelry Specialist


KT is a licensed esthetician and a growing PMU tattooist. Born and raised in Westfield, Mass; she also has a bachelors degree in art, putting both to great use with permanent make up, tiny tattoos, eye services, facials, waxing, tooth gems and more! Always a fan of skin care, she become even more invested in how it can help others and make them glow from the inside and out. A coffee addict after working for Starbucks for over a decade she also loves special event make up, cooking, movies, travel and of course, cheese.

Junior PMU Artist & Esthetician



  • 2021 - Aesthetics License - Elizabeth Grady Esthetics Program 600 hours
  • 2021 - Eye Services Training
  • 2021 - Microdermabrasion Training 
  • 2021 - Lash Extensions Training
  • 2023 - Town of Southwick Tattoo License
  • 2023 - Blood Borne Pathogens Certification
  • 2023 - First Aid/CPR Certification

I am a 4x certified and licensed PMU artist. I come to Beauty and the Brow with 15+ years experience in the beauty industry. Over the years my work led me to the wonderful world of PMU. I can't wait to bring my keen eye for enhancing my clients natural beauty.
I am also firstly a mama to my awesome eight year old son Rockwell. I am a lover of home design, personal development, art in all aspects, nature and coffee.

Junior PMU Artist



  • 2017 - Microblading Drawing Techniques Certificate of Completion - Eye Design
  • 2018 - PhiBrows Training - with Phivi Tran
  • 2020 - Anatomy, Physiology and Skin Course for Body Art Practitioners Certificate - Save Each Life
  • 2021 - Art of Camouflage: Scars, Burns and Skin Grafts Certificate of Completion - Paramedical Tattoo Academy
  • 2021 - 3D Areola Tattooing Certificate of Completion - The Collective
  • 2022 - Bloodborne Pathogens for Body and Tattoo Artists - ProTrainings
  • 2023 - Connecticut State Tattoo License
  • 2023 - Adult CPR/AED & First Aid Certificate - ProTrainings
  • 2023 - Body Art Practitioner License - Town of Southwick, MA

I’ve been an Esthetician for over three years now and I’ve been doing lash extensions even longer. I am a fur mama to my five girls- two dogs, Lola and Princess, my two cats, Chloe, and Sasha, as well as Chanel the bunny.

I have a deep love for Beauty. During my previous life where I was emerged in the culinary field, I realized my passion is truly keeping up with the new/old trends of the beauty industry. Which means knowing the latest and greatest to ensure my clients feel the best in their skin!

My journey has taken me farther, and now I will be training to be a permanent makeup artist!

Esthetician & Lash Artist



  • 2019 - Lash Extensions Certification - Lavish Lashes
  • 2020 - Esthetics License - Monarch School of Cosmotology, Course 600 hours - Wilbraham, MA
  • 2023 - Bloodborne Pathogens - National CPR Foundation
  • 2023 - BARBICIDE Certification

New to town and looking forward to learning and growing in my new community.
I have 30 years in the beauty industry. I enjoy detailed work and making others feel and look their best.

I love to travel and learn new things, being outdoors, self-care, practices, and anything crafty or creative!

I enjoy the day to day simplicities of life and do so with a positive mindset.

PMU Apprentice



  • 1994- Cosmetology License - Blue Hills Tech School, Canton MA
  • 2023 - 6 month Permanent Makeup Apprenticeship - Beauty and The Brow, Southwick, MA
  • 2024 - Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate of Completion - American Red Cross

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I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life - Elsie de Wolfe

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